07-10-2016 Update current situation SOS Dolfijn Foundation

On September the 12th of this year SOS Dolfijn has announced that the foundation is going to leave Harderwijk in the end of 2016 and is ending the cooperation with Dolfinarium Harderwijk. The reason for this decision is that ever since SOS Dolfijn started in 2004 at the current location in Harderwijk, SOS Dolfijn is been mistaken to be part of the commercial Dolfinarium park. This misconception is making funding and developing almost impossible for SOS Dolfijn.

SOS Dolfijn already had the long-time desire to work more closely with other conservation organizations. At this moment SOS Dolfijn is exploring with which organization a new or more extensive collaboration is possible. The expectation is that in a few weeks from now, there will be more clarity about a possible new location. On the new location SOS Dolfijn will probably start with temporally rehabilitation facilities.  

It is import that SOS Dolfijn is completely operational as soon as possible. Every year hundreds of animals are found stranded along the North Sea coast. This mainly concerns dead Harbour porpoises, but also a number of live sick and wounded porpoises and dolphins are found every year.  The SOS Dolfijn rescue team is on call 24/7 for whales in need of help. Rehabilitation of stranded small cetaceans is a process that generally takes 3 until 6 months in time. At this moment there are 2 Harbour porpoises in the current rehabilitation centre of SOS Dolfijn in Harderwijk. SOS Dolfijn has named them Nena and Sven. Both of these young porpoises were found sick and emaciated in March this year. Nena still needs treatment for a pneumonia. Porpoise Sven is being prepared for his return to sea at the moment. Sven still has to prove that he will stay healthy without any medication for the next few weeks and then he will be brought back to sea.  

Nena and Sven are the last stranded animals that will be treated in Harderwijk by SOS Dolfijn. At this moment SOS Dolfijn cannot start rehabilitation on new patients until the new facility is ready. The period of time until the end of this year is too short to offer stranded animals a complete rehabilitation process. Off course the SOS Dolfijn rescue team will stay on call 24/7 as usual for whales in need but in most cases the only help that can be offered is euthanizing the animal on the beach. Or directly release the animal in to sea again if there is a presumption that the stranded animal has a fair chance to survive.

The sooner SOS Dolfijn has found new sponsors and a new location, the sooner optimal help can be offered to stranded whales in need of medical help again!

If you want to support our work and help stranded whales, please donate by filling in this form: http://bit.ly/2bQ0x1E 
If you work for an organization that can help us in any possible way, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@sosdolfijn.nl 

The previously announcement about SOS Dolfijn leaving Harderwijk you can read here: www.sosdolfijn.nl/sos-dolfijn-leaves-harderwijk

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