SOS Dolfijn and Ecomare planning a far-reaching partnership

01-02-2016: SOS Dolfijn has decided to take a next step into its role as a leading rescue and rehabilitation centre for stranded cetaceans. The organisation plans to move away from Harderwijk to a new location near the coast and has the ambition to start a comprehensive partnership with Ecomare. This Nature Information Centre on the island of Texel has a rehabilitation centre for seals and birds and a large educational department. The aim is to start the new centre and move activities in 2017.

 Archive photo Ecomare and SOS Dolphin together in action

SOS Dolfijn and Ecomare share a passion for rescuing animals. The organisations have a mutual objective to inform and educate people about the animals, the threats they face and the environment they live in. By sharing experience and knowledge, activities can be enhanced and messages on animal rescue and nature conservation will have a greater outreach.

SOS Dolfijn and Ecomare already have a history of cooperation. When live stranded cetaceans are reported on the island of Texel, Ecomare staff is always willing to check on the situation at the beach and assist in rescue work.  In case of a small stranded whale like the Harbour Porpoises, the staff of Ecomare makes sure that the animal is given first aid care and being transported in a best possible way to the mainland. Here, the animal is handed over to the rescue team of SOS Dolfijn. Recently, both organizations joined forces when 5 Sperm whales were found on Texel. The animals were stranded alive and from both organizations staff members joined together to form a rescue team.

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For the construction of a new rehabilitation centre we are presently looking for funding and support.  So if your company is interested in becoming involved in the first marine mammal rescue centre in the North West of Europa, please contact us at or call us at +31-6-46656601.  Also we are looking for contributors who are willing to help us in the daily care we provide for dolphins and porpoises in need. Being ready 24/7 for these animals and taking care of them is expensive. We are looking for contributions for food, rescue tools, transport and all the medical expenses. You can already help by donating 3 euros monthly. Fill in the form here: or contact us by sending an e-mail to





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Update gewone dolfijn in Harlingen

04-04-2020: De dolfijn lijkt de haven te hebben verlaten en is gezien in de Waddenzee. Lees meer

Gewone dolfijn zwemt in haven Harlingen

23-03-2020: Eind van de middag komt er een melding binnen dat er een dolfijn de haven van Harlingen is ingezwommen.  Lees meer  

Bruinvis doodgestoken door vinder

11-02-2020: Een gewonde bruinvis is op het strand van Wijk aan Zee door messteken overleden. Lees meer  

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Van plan om binnenkort een spreekbeurt te houden over dolfijnen, bruinvissen of andere walvissen in de Noordzee?

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